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Empowering Families In The Fight Against Food Insecurity


Our Impact

Our mission for 2023 is to improve the lives of over 1,250 underserved families through direct practice. Providing over 750,000 meals to be cooked at home. bringing Families back together, through the love of culinary
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What we do

Meals in Motion is a 501c(3) nonprofit servicing the Los Angeles area. Our mission is to empower families in the fight against food insecurity. We do this by providing FREE education on healthy food choices, budgeting, food safety and more. We also provide free hands-on cooking classes to underserved communities. We build confidence in culinary, and bring cooking back into the home.

Advocate Healthy Eating

Our Program Equips Children With The Knowledge And Skills To Make Informed Choices About Their Health And Well-Being.                                                      

Budgeting For Food Security

Learning How To Budget For Food, Children Can Play A Key Role In Ensuring Their Families Have Access To Nutritious Food Options.                                                 

Confidence Through Culinary

Providing Hands-On Instruction In Home Cooking, We Empower Children To Take Control Of Their Own Health And Well-Being.

Preventative Health

By providing families knowledge and skills to make healthy food decisions, and prepare healthy meals at home. Our programs prevent many health issues. 

Our numbers that speak

We aim to reach as many families as possible. Thanks to our supporters and amazing staff. For the year 2023 we have been able to set some real goals to make a difference. 

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In-Home Cooking Classes

Meals in motion is proud to offer in-home cooking classes as a paid service. While our main focus is the underserved community. We can’t help but to believe all children deserve to explore the love of culinary arts. This is why we are offering kids cooking classes to the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. Click below to learn more and book your childs cooking experience. 

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