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kids cooking class.

A Worthy Cause

Meals in Motion, is happy to introduce our premier in-home cooking class to Los Angels and the San Fernando Valley. Let your child discover the benefits of early culinary exploration. Our classes nurture creativity, independence, and a healthy relationship with food.

Our classes offer more than just meals. We cultivate life skills by following recipes, while broadening your child’s  understanding of nutrition. With hands-on experience, children gain problem-solving, organization, and practice patience. All of these skills become applicable beyond the kitchen.

Encouraging a positive food education, our classes introduce diverse ingredients, flavors, and textures. By involving children in the cooking process, we increase their willingness to try new foods, a challenge for many parents. Take advantage of this opportunity to foster healthy eating habits and promote better health in the home.


Getting your children excited to cook, will create lasting memories and strengthen family bonds. Families that cook together, share stories and enjoy the satisfaction of preparing a delicious meal as a team.

Cooking engages multiple senses, promoting cognitive development. Children learn observation, smell, taste, and touch, enhancing sensory awareness. Following recipes and experimenting with flavors boosts reading comprehension and math skills.

Join Meals in Motion’s in-home cooking classes to unlock your child’s culinary potential. Our safe, fun, and interactive environment ignites their inner chef, sparks creativity, and fosters a lifelong passion for cooking. Perfect for birthday events and unforgettable experiences. Give your child the gift of culinary education today.

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Individual Classes

Having the 1 on 1 experience allows your child to have the undivided attention of our chef. With the ability to interact your child will be able to retain the information from the classes easier. Individual Classes are for 1-4 people. Let’s explore some culinary fun, book your class today!

kids cooking class.

Group Classes

Group classes are great for birthdays, holidays and other celebrations. Step away from preparing all that food and let your children prepare their own dish with their friends. Groups classes are for 5-10 participants. Let’s get cooking, book your class today!

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